Science & Art – Bioinformatics and Plant Industry


Please contact Eleanor if you are interested in learning more about her science + art research. Available for talks, workshops and commissions.

Speaker visits:

PresenterTEDxCanberra, ‘Uncharted’ 2014

Keynote Speaker, The Wonder of Fantasy Forum, Taiwan, 2014

Speaker, Lightning Talk, 3D Titanium Insects, Australian Science Communicators Conference, ASC (2014)

PosterStellrScope, Explorations through Science & Art, Australian Science Communicators Conference, (2014)

Speaker,OzViz 2013, Monash University, Melbourne (2013)

Speaker, ‘Art and Science as Creative Catalysts’, co-authored paper VISAP 2013, IEEE Conference USA, (2013)

Guest Speaker, IVEC@ECU, eResearch, WA (2013)

Lightning Talk, VIZBIPlus,Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2013)

Speaker & Poster,OzViz 2012, UWA, Perth (2012)

Speaker, ‘StellrScope, Making Images’, SPECTRA Science & Art ‘Symposium, CSIRO, (2012)

Uncharted tedxcanberra_2014



Eleanor Gates-Stuart presenting at TEDXCanberra

Eleanor Gates-Stuart presenting at TEDXCanberra. Photograph by Adam Thomas

Eleanor Gates-Stuart - Keynote Address: the Wonder of Fantasy

Eleanor Gates-Stuart – Keynote Address: The Wonder of Fantasy Forum 2014

Keynote Address: Eleanor in Taiwan

Keynote Address: Eleanor in Taiwan

The Wonder of Fantasy Forum, Taiwan 2014

Speakers: The Wonder of Fantasy Fourum

Speakers: The Wonder of Fantasy Fourum