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StellrScope Visitors Comments

Visitors Book at "StellrScope' and 'Hot Seeds' Exhibitions by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Visitors Book at ‘StellrScope’ and ‘Hot Seeds’ Exhibitions by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Comments from the Opening Night of StellrScope at Questacon and Hot Seeds at the CSIRO Discovery Centre.

Overall an outstanding – Wow!

A few snippets…

“Wonderful merging of art & science”, AP

“A wonderful collaboration, Art meets Science like never before”, JL

“It was a pleasure to be involved with the project”, PA

“Inspiring”, FMc

“Unbelievable, makes me think outside the circle”. PJN

“Gorgeous! A feat for the senses! Love the way notes & specimens combine to make such beautiful, multilayer images!”

“An extremely interesting and inspring exhibition of and exploring scientific analysis and art forms. Beautiful”, AF

“Very Breathtaking”, Tom

A huge thank you to all

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